UI and Web Designer. Front-End Developer.

Photoshop • Illustrator • Sketch • Mockups • HTML • CSS • jQuery • Yeoman

What I do

I have a passion to create awesome user experiences on the web, I strive to develope the best looking sites and code for the users/backend developers. I collaborate with companies/clients to determine their needs, requirements and goals to design/develop user experiences for both web and mobile applications/sites. Users are the focus of my business, after all they are the reason to enroll new ideas to the web.

My Philosophy

I design, I Code, I Love Working directly with clients, I play a key role in the development of clean and modern solutions that utilize hand-coded HTML5 and CSS3 along with accessible, standards-based implementations and modern trends in web/mobile design. I also have extensive experience managing several staff, creative projects and tasks across multiple markets while maintaining solutions to my clients.

Design is more than just an after-thought.

What I love

Right, where to start? You've probably already figured out my name is Luis Castro. I breath design and innovative technologies. Always studying to be a better developer, It's what gets me out of bed in the morning (besides a coffee and the usual iPhone alarm). I thrive on understanding basic concepts and ideas in order to execute user-driven solutions.

Where I am

I work in the city of Valencia, Venezuela. In a little area near the mountain which is great because it's cooler than other places, also makes the coffee taste better. I strive on a daily basis to bring modern technologies, tools and methods used commercially to the web, in my country and others.

Still there? Plain and simple, I make good websites. I like pixel perfection and I like my code clean. I make websites like I make coffee - strong, reliable and not rushed. You can see more of what I do up there, and links to other portfolios and sites below, and then you can contact me with your ideas on how you want to make the next Facebook.

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